CJ Mahony’s practice explores stability, impermanence, and space via the distinction between sculptural object and immersive environment. Using structures that allude to corridors, paper folds, geometry, fragments, support structures, the subterranean and backstage spaces, her work ranges from large scale, site responsive constructions to fragile, speculative models.

Her work sets up complex contrasts between the dimensions of architecture, the scale of the human body, and the idea of the object, inviting its audience to experience both the feeling of being within and the sense of being outside. She often manipulates light and space to provoke an intensification and complication of sensations and reactions; these distortions create a heightened state of awareness and uncertainty, requiring the audience to negotiate physically and emotionally in order to traverse the work.

At its core her practice seeks to reconfigure the pure sculptural language of form, volume and mass through a phenomenological response to space.


CJ studied Sculpture at Wimbledon school of Art and completed her MA at Camberwell College of Art in 2012. In 2010 she co-founded Aid & Abet, an artist run project space in Cambridge, which she co-directed until 2014. She is a visiting lecturer at the Art Academy in London.