Outside is a place one can never fully occupy

A series of sculptural voids. The spaces between the voids create corridors. Darkness removes the bias of visual reading. It makes the experience physical and active.

Darkness implicates you. You are in another relationship with space, both constructed space and the spaces between the construction. You are outside and you are inside.

The work touches you. It encroaches on your space. Once you are within it, you can no longer simply step back or walk away.

The trouble with time

There was a straight line from the beginning to the end, a sliver of light so thin that it was almost imperceptible. And still people felt hesitation, uncertain where they would end up.


Back _ Space

I dream of long corridors that I can barely reach the end of. The room that had the rock collection in was at the end of a long, dark corridor.

Dark Room

Momentarily Lost

Once past the immediate entrance you use touch to guide you through. Running your hands along the smooth walls, the tactile qualities of the interior offers some respite from the anxiety of the unfamiliar.

Unrest is something I seek to provoke. It is a mechanism which can create presentness. I am leading you to a place of being on the outside. The outside of something very simple, subtle and gentle. You are inside a corridor but separated from the performance that happens behind the walls. You are outside to their inside.


When I broke down the bright white corridors I saw the potential of the state between a built environment and a sculptural object. This made way for the motif of these partitions. Here as part of Heavy Sentience, then Terminalia, Machines to Crystallize Time, Still Life Still Waiting and Fleeting.